Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How to gain weight and muscle mass fast as lightning

How to gain weight and muscle mass fast as lightning
How to gain weight

No doubt that thin people also have a right to know how to gain weight and muscle mass, since this knowledge before seemed only to athletes or athletes.
But today more than ever and as science advances in health and fitness can gain muscle fast with the right mix of exercises and proper diet.
It is this fascinating article I will tell you how to do the exercises you can start doing immediately to help you get a well-defined body, gain more strength and above all gain weight and muscle mass.
Mistakenly think that to achieve the body you desire shall be based solely on diets or pills, but the diet is just a cog in this machine, also requires some special exercises to ensure weight gain.
If you are a thin person and just looking to gain some few extra pounds to disappear skinny body you have, then you can make them 3 times a week.

In each workout, you should practice mild physical activities like walking, jogging, playing a sport that you like and do it for about 30 minutes or a little longer if you wish.
A good way to self motivate and force yourself to do what you have to do is find a partner or friend with whom you can practice the exercises together, can go running together or join a gym.
This is done to make these activities more enjoyable and less boring to be alone.Ads by Google
Another advantage of this method is that two friends are better than you, and you can help or motivate the other when you need it, all this is aimed at forming discipline to maintain your exercise routine.
It is proven that when something is done in a period of 40 days, the human mind is assimilating everything I am and what is keeping as positive stimuli that ultimately end up becoming good habits.
It is vital that you know to learn how to gain weight and muscle mass, as it is as a kind of "addiction" that you created in your body, but this type of addiction "YES" is advisable, because it gives you better health: )
Now that you know how to do exercises to gain weight and muscle mass, you can add a degree of difficulty to obtain benefits faster.
You can start practicing other resistance exercises in the gym, but never do this without making sure you have at least the minimum required knowledge, not just lifting weights and now, you have to know how to do, how much weight and how long do.
Otherwise you risk to "rip" the muscles and never grow back and lift weights but by lot, so attending a gym where there is a trained instructor will guide you.
I say this because there are many men in an effort to gain muscle mass and gain weight fast, raise the dumbbells to the "gross", thinking that this will be successful, but this truly is terrible you to do it.
An extremely powerful secret to get the body you want to focus on gaining strength.
This is necessary because the gain is increased muscle strength. First you have to work in the largest and most important muscles after exercise adding dead weight. This is vital because muscle growth would gain strength. Work on the larger muscle groups, and do exercises like dead lifts, squats, crunches, etc..
But first a WARNING.
You have to do it all in one day, do not try to accomplish in a day what you have not won in years, this is a process, because our body as a machine if used excessively can cause injury.
It's best to do different kinds of exercises within a week to rest and recover other muscles, for example:
If you do exercises Monday spathe, Tuesday beam leg exercises on Wednesday came the arms and so on.
If you want to learn more about how to gain weight and muscle mass and get an enviable body for other men and irresistible to women, even if you are skinny and have not had good results before

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